Disney Lorcana Ursula's Return Illumineer's Quest Deep Trouble ENG

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Disney Lorcana Ursula's Return Illumineer's Quest Deep Trouble :


Face an opponent like no other! In this thrilling Disney Lorcana TCG experience, you must stand against Ursula and her entangled glimmers even as her powers increase. Cunning as ever, the sea witch plays by her own rules—and with her own all-new special deck. Try all four difficulty levels! 

With the contents of this box, you can take on Ursula’s forces solo or cooperatively with a friend. You can also add up to two more friends with decks to your side, for a total of four players. Players can use any standard Disney Lorcana deck. 


Inhoud :


  • 1 extra grote Ursula-kaart
  • 1 Ursula-scenariodeck (50 kaarten) met een unieke kaartrug
  • 2 kant-en-klare Disney Lorcana TCG-decks (elk 60 kaarten).
  • 2 extra grote, dubbelzijdige slagveldkaarten
  • 1 Deep Trouble-speelmat
  • 1 Ursula-trekkingsfiche
  • 3 Lore-trackerfiches
  • 29 Schadetellers​
  • 1 geheime overwinningskaart
  • Blad met Deep Trouble-regels*


Taal : Engels

Leeftijd : vanaf 8 jaar

Aantal spelers : 2 spelers

Speelduur : 45 - 60 minuten

Uitgever : Ravensburger

EAN : 4050368983565

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